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Paul with Spoon

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Veteran local anchor Ray Cortopassi provides Fox 59 Morning News Updates. Also, catch WTTS traffic updates to help you find your way to work while missing the delays.

At 7:35am, check out the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for daily prize packages!

This Week: October 27th

Win tickets for our next Rock to Read show, Ryan Adams Nov 6th at the Old National Center, presented by Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza on the Morning Music Mindbender at 7:35.

The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  October 20th

The subject of a Rolling Stones song that became a number one this week in 1973 was neither David Bowie’s ex-wife or the actress who played Sgt. Pepper Anderson on police woman, but, according to Keith Richards’ autobiography, was about Keith’s detoxification from his heroin addiction. What was the songs title?


Tuesday October 21st

One of the best guitar players of all time, Steve Cropper, turns 73 today. One of his most famous works he not only played on but co-wrote. What incomplete song was Steve once called upon to finish on his own?

(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay. Steve finished work on it immediately after co-author Otis Redding’s death.

Wednesday October 22nd

We recognized the 45th anniversary of Abbey Road a few weeks ago and now we celebrate the album that bumped it out of number one. The first major hit on the album was credited to the four members of the band but later the name Willie Dixon was added to it because of its similarity to his “You Need Love”. What album was released this day in 1969?

Led Zeppelin II

Thursday October 23rd

It’s award winning director Ang Lee’s 60th birthday. Ang has occasionally used one of the most prolific composers in the music industry, Danny Elfman to handle the  score for his films. Elfman has handled the music for a number of films and wrote the TV theme song for The Simpsons. What oddly named band of the 80s was Elfman a part of?

Oingo Boingo

Friday October 24th

10 years ago a rock band got the official seal of approval from Iran. Although most western rock groups had been censored in that Islamic republic the lead singer was proud of his Iranian heritage and they had become very popular there from bootleg recordings. What major rock group found favor in this least likely place?


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