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This Week: September 15th

Registering people to see Tom Petty Mile High in Colorado and we’re doing a 5-4-3-2-1 with John Prine tickets (every day you get a row closer) on the Morning Music Mindbender.

The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  September 15th

The British and the Americans have shared a lot of music but it took 16 years for an American chart topper to reach #1 in the UK. Finally propelled to the British forefront by a Levis commercial, what song about fruit, trees, smoke and love had the long delay?

The Joker

Tuesday September 16th

BB King’s 89th birthday! He celebrated his 64th 25 years ago rockin’ out on a yacht rented for the occasion wut a band that help put him back on rock’s radar. Who helped BB celebrate his 64th?


Wednesday September 10th

REM’s “Monster” was topping music charts this week 20 years ago. One of the songs on the album was titled after an incident where newsman Dan Rather was attacked in the lobby of a Manhatten apartment by two men, one of whom kept repeating what phrase?

“Whats the frequency Kenneth?”

Thursday September 11th

Today I’m looking for a song title based on an expression. What did Johnny Carson once say is the interval between the time a Manhatten traffic light turns green and the guy behind you honks?

A New York Minute

Friday September 12th

One of the most famous record label owners Ahmet Ertegun  signed 21 year old Ray Charles to his label this week in 1952. What band and one time label mates of Charles annnounced a one-off reunion to honor Ertegun this week in 2007?

Led Zeppelin

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