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Paul with Spoon

Paul with Spoon

Join Paul Mendenhall weekday mornings for the WTTS Morning Show. Start your morning with lots of “world class” rock  including a 92 minute music set that starts at 8:30 and Paul has information about shows, artists and pertinent local news and events.

At 7:35am, play the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for a daily prize.

Week of May 25th:

Paul will be smoking some pork on Monday but join him starting Tuesday for a really good prize package on the Morning Music Mindbender with tickets from two WTTS shows, Brandi Carlisle on May 30th and the Decemberists on September 29th.




The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday May 25th

No Mindbender today (Memorial Day)

Tuesday May 26th

Happy 51st Lenny Kravitz !There are several noteworthy aspects to this man’s life, an artist who won the grammy for best male artist 4 times in a row around the turn of the century . What famous weatherman is Lenny’s cousin?
Al Roker

Wednesday May 27th

Lots of people have borrowed from Tom Petty but not these guys. An album that went to number one this week in 2006 contained a song with a very similar chord progression to Mary Jane’s Last Dance . What group varied it up enough to avoid any legal action although the musical difference was very slight  and both songs made the same geographical reference?

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Dani California)

Thursday May 28th

John Fogerty turns 70 today. He was CCR’s song writer, lead guitarist and lead vocalist. He’s funded grave markers for Mississippi blues men, and  once perfomed CCR songs for Vietnam Vets when he wasn’t doing them live for anyone. John has fought bitterly though with his ex bandmates over the years even on the last Creedence album, Mardi Gras, where he made them do what?

Write and sing their own songs


Friday May 22nd

It’s Jesse Valenzuela’s birthday today, and we recognize it because he’s a friend of ours and a key  part of a fun 90s  band that played the third turn party deck for us at the Speedway in 2008, played a balloon glow event there in 2010 and have made several other local appearances including one with the Colts and at Vinatge Indiana. What 90s group does he play for?

Gin Blossoms

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