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Join Paul Mendenhall weekday mornings for the WTTS Morning Show. Start your morning with lots of “world class” rock  including a 92 minute music set that starts at 8:30 and Paul has information about shows, artists and pertinent local news and events.

At 7:35am, play the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for a daily prize.

Week of  October 24th

Win Tickets for 2 shows!!!

St. Paul and the Broken Bones October 30th and Band of Horses November 5th!



Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday October 24th

Bill Wyman, ex Rolling Stones bassist, turns 80 today. On 2 June 1989, aged 52, Wyman married 18-year-old Mandy Smith.  Their relationship was the subject of considerable media attention. The marriage ended in spring 1991, although the divorce was not finalized until 1993. In 1993, while Wyman was still married to Smith, Stephen, his son from his first marriage, married Smith’s mother, thereby making Stephen his own

Step Grandpa (or step Grandson)

Tuesday October 25th

A former Wendy’s employee of the month got together with a childhood friend to form a new band in the late 80s but if would be ten years before that band released a song with him on lead vocals exclusively. What groups biggest seller featured this man taking a stab at rapping?

Barenaked Ladies (Ed Robertson)

Wednesday October 26th

A special ipod was released this day in 2004, it featured a red click wheel and was capable of holding up to 5,000 songs and was engraved with the signatures of what band?


Thursday October 20th

Del Shannon was an early 60s singer, best known for his song Runaway.  Del performed on one of the biggest rock albums of the early 90s, but not as a singer or an instrumentalist. Instead he contributed animal noises on certain versions of an album by what rocker?

Tom Petty

Friday October 21st

Buddy Guy arrived in Chicago from  Louisiana in 1957 and was taken under the wing of Muddy Waters who figured Buddy might be hungry and fed him salami sandwiches. Muddy was also instrumental in the career of another musician getting him connected with Chess records. What certified school principal’s son also got a helping hand from Muddy Waters?

Chuck Berry