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Week of  February 20th

It’s Billy Joel trivia for Billy Joel tickets this week!


Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday February 20th

Billy Joel’s concerts during the final days of Shea stadium have been documented in the film “Last Play At Shea” What artist with strong connections to the stadium surprised Billy by jumping on stage with him at Shea stadium July 18, 2008?

Paul McCartney

Tuesday February 21st
Billy Joel has a hobby that was evidenced in one of his more famous videos. Billy has turned his hobby into an enterprise known as 20th Century_________.


Wednesday February 22nd

You might find it surprising that Billy Joel is the sixth best selling artist in US History one place ahead of Michael Jackson. His best selling album released in September 1977 was named what?

The Stranger

Thursday February 23rd

Billy rarely performed one of his most famous songs for nearly 20 years following his divorce from his first wife. During performances at the time of the divorce Billy’s drummer would parody the lyrics of the chorus to she got the house she got the car. What love song did Billy omit from his shows?

Just The Way You Are

Friday February 10th

20 years ago at the 39th Grammy awards the Record of the year went to Eric Clapton for a song from a movie soundtrack that had been produced by a notable Hoosier. Who did Clapton share his victory with that year?

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds