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Week of March 25th

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with the Morning Music Mindbender!

Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday March 25th

Air rage is never cool, but the way one famous artist stood up for another is a very sweet story from this day in 1982. REM’s Peter Buck was charged with disorderly conduct accused of attacking two cabin staff on a flight to the UK. His defense was consuming a sleeping pill and alcohol set off a violent reaction that he did not recall. What legend said he came to court because Peter is famously known for being a peaceable person?


Tuesday March 19th

Happy 10th anniversary to Indy native and TV host David Letterman, celebrating his 10th anniversary with Regina Lasko as his wife.  What rock band with a special connection to Letterman performed on his last show?

Foo Fighters

Wednesday March 20th

Vaughan appeared in the 1998 released film Blues Brothers 2000 as a member of the fictional “Louisiana Gator Boys” blues band led by BB King.

Jimmie Vaughn, Steve Ray’s older brother is celebrating his 68th today. Jimmie was once in a fictional band with BBKing called the Louisiana Gator Boys, assembled for the purpose of appearing in the sequel to a what legendary musical movie which also included Aretha Franklin and a host of other significant musicians?

Blues Brothers 2000

Thursday March 21st

It’s a real estate question. Its about a home  that sold for $100,000 this day in 1957 . The seller’s were Ruth Brown and her husband who had built the house in 1939 on ground once belonging to her aunt Grace. Who was the buyer?
Elvis (not Costello)
 Friday March 22nd
As America warmed up to spring this date in 1985 and anticipated a new season, a song went to number one adn stayed their for 2 weeks. What sports song has acuutally been added to a sports hall of fame?