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Join Paul Mendenhall weekday mornings for the WTTS Morning Show. Start your morning with lots of “world class” rock  including a 92 minute music set that starts at 8:30 and Paul has information about shows, artists and pertinent local news and events.

At 7:35am, play the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for a daily prize.

Week of August 31st

Win tickets to the WTTS Rock To Read show with Wilco September 25th at the IU auditorium on the Morning Music Mindbender.




The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday August 24th


It’s the 40th anniversary of the start of a recording process that went on for 3 weeks to create a song that required the vocalists to sing their parts continually for 10-12 hours a day. What song required 180 vocal overdubs to complete?

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Tuesday August 25th

The stockholders wouldn’t have liked this….a band once recorded a record for Reprise, a Time Warner subsidiary that decided not to release it. The band then negotiated to get the rights to the album for free and ended up selling it to another Time Warner subsidiary, Nonesuch. What Chicago based group of the 90s and 200s once pulled one over on Wall Street?


Wednesday August 26th

This date in 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine named Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitarist in Rock history. Who was named second best?

 Eric Clapton

Thursday August 27th

Truly humble beginnings for a band known as the Nightcrawlers, they were signed on by ZZ Tops manager Bill Ham and played various gigs in the south, may of which were disastrous that Ham left them broke and stranded in Mississippi without anyway home and demanded reimbursement for equipment expenses. What guitar legend never paid Ham back?

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Friday August 28th

An album celebrating its 40th anniversary this week was a turning point for an artist who had fallen out of favor with his record company. The relationship was so strained that  companies’s execs would attend a showcase  with a promising new band opening and then walk out on his band. Who had his manager write down the names of the record guys who left his show early?

Bruce Springsteen. “Born To Run”


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