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At 7:35am, play the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for a daily prize.

Week of May 19th

Win tickets to two Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center Shows…Dead and Company June 12th and Dave Matthews  June 28th with the Morning Music Mindbender!

Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday May 19th

Happy birthday Dan Wilson, frontman for Semisonic and writer of Closing Time which was nominated but didn’t win the Grammy for song of the year. Wilson does have a couple of Grammys on his shelf, one for helping write the Dixie Chicks “Not Ready To Make Nice”, the other for a song writing collaboration with what very successful British Artist of this decade?

Adele (Someone Like You)

Tuesday May 20th

This town’s not big enough for the both of us! Nashville TN 2014one of the city’s notable musicians emailed that he didn’t want his kids in school with another musician’s kids because he didn’t want to have to sit next to him at their kids events for the next 12 years. Give me one of the two musicians involved in a legendary Nashiville feud.

Jack White and either of the Black Keys

Wednesday May 21st

Even a rock star needs some extra cash…and plenty. One allows very well vetted guest to rent his beach house on the pristine and privat island of  Mustique in the West Indies. The $30,000 a week rental comes with a Jeep for tooling around the island and a staff of six including a chef. What star allows  well to do guests what they want at this unique destination?

Mick Jagger

Thursday May 22nd

One of dozens of bands to play the Speedway in the month of May was a 90s band who once appeared on stage between turns 3 and 4 on a qulaifications day in the aughts. Distinguished by a distinctive jangly  guitar sound what  band that lives up to their hard drinking name has played IMS?

Gin Blossoms
 Friday May 16th

Chris Cornell died this day in 2017. Chris possessed something very special, something influenced by body structure as well as attitude a musical gift that even many classical performers are not lucky enough to have. What was one of Cornell’s unique musical attributes?

A Nearly 4 octave vocal range