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Paul with Jonny Lang

Paul with Jonny Lang

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Veteran local anchor Ray Cortopassi provides Fox 59 Morning News Updates. Also, catch WTTS traffic updates to help you find your way to work while missing the delays.

At 7:35am, check out the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for daily prize packages!

This Week: August 4th

Summer breaks are over! Ray Cortopassi returns with the news updates and Paul is in all week with a prize package on the Morning Music Mindbender, it’s music AND food with tickets for the upcoming Warm Fest and Dig IN.


The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  July 21st

Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon. A German musician had a big international hit in the 80s when he borrowed the theme from a different artist’s song and expanded on the story of what fictional rock hero?

Major Tom (Peter Schilling)

Tuesday July 22nd


Happy 67th to the Eagle’s Don Henley who was recently said to be the 4th wealthiest drummer in the world. Ringo Starr tops the list, name one of the two other drummers wealthier than Don.

Phil Collins or Dave Grohl


Wednesday July 23rd

Five years ago today this singer songwriter was picked up by New Jersey police who had been alerted that a suspicious character was walking around the the streets…he had no ID and the cop didn’t recognize him…the hotel staff had to vouch for him and he was able to join Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp for a show at a ballpark that night. Who was this character on the street?

Bob Dylan

Thursday July 24th

What IU graduate who was once invited to play with soul singer Lou Rawls now spends time playing the parts originally performed by Cosmo Clifford?

Kenny Aronoff (appearing on the drums for John Fogerty Tuesday night)

Friday Aug 1st

Happy 50th to Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows who once got some backing vocal help from a friend who laid down two pitch perfect tracks for the Hard Candy album in less than hour. What seasoned pro once became another Crow for at least one song?

Sheryl Crow (American Girls)


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