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Week of February 17th

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Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday February 17th

Tuesday February 18th

She is in many ways the proverbial all american girl. In high school she was a majorette, a member of the national honor society as well a the future farmers of America. Despite her nice girl credentials her second album was banned at Wal Mart! Who’s second album contained the lyric Wal Mart sells guns to children?

Van Morrison

Wednesday February 19th
The marriage lasted about 8 years, but the proposal in 2004 was both romantic and creative. This british singer, most prominent in the 90s, proposed to his famous girlfriend on the  winter solstice in a qunizee…like an igloo but more of a cave in the snow that he personally built on a glacier in British Columbia. I’m not sure it had anything to do with his stage name but what is one of the few animals that might have been able to witness the proposal?


Thursday February 20th

Randy California,  was born this day in 1951. The founder of the 60s band Spirit he died in 1997 saving his son from a riptide off the coast of Hawaii. 
Despite his given name he was originally from Manhatten where he once instructed a neighbor, on Blues technique. The neighbor later brought his skills to the forefront in a band that lasted mostly as a duo until the man’s death in 2017. What well known group can trace some of its influence back to Randy California?
Steely Dan
 Friday February 21st
A weekend he might rather forget an Americana artist broke his collarbone in a motorcycle accident in Mexico 25 years ago while taping a segment for ESPN’s Moto World. But this isn’t the worst mishap for the mild mannered singer and sometimes actor. 8 years later he had his shin broken while saving his Uncle from a Bull. The Bull had pinned him aganst a fence with such force toe bone was broken in 20 pieces. What seemingly low key western singer seems to have some high adrenaline hobbies?
Lyle Lovett