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Paul with Spoon

Paul with Spoon

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This Week: September 29th

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The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  September 29th

Variety show host Ed Sullivan made sure his program was OK for the entire family even when the top rockers of the day were his musical guests. Mick Jagger once had to change two words of a popular Stones song to make them suitable for Ed’s show. The new words were “some time”. What were the original words?

The night (Let’s Spend “The Night” Together)

Tuesday September 30th

Their first gig was at an ROTC dance, they knew so little pop music they played “Proud Mary” twice and one of the partygoers cranked up Michael jackson’s “Thriller” to drown them out. What University of vermont jam band came from these humble beginnings?


Wednesday October 1st

REM’s Michael Stipe signed a deal with New Line Cinema this day in 1994 and had a hand in movies including “Being John Malcovich”. No stranger to the visual arts,  he and the band once appeared on Sesame Street performing “Furry Happy Monsters”. What was the song’s original title?

Shiny Happy People

Thursday September 25th

Rolling Stone (Shel wrote the Dr. Hook classic “Cover of the Rolling Stone”)

Friday September 26th

A major album release 45 years ago today, the album contained a song originally written for Joe Cocker and praised by Frank Sinatra as the best love song ever written. It was also the first A side for one member of the group. What album came out late September 1969?

The Beatles’ Abbey Road (“Something” by George Harrison)

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