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Week of February 19th

Win tickets to Laughing Matters starring Whoopi Goldberg, a benefit for the Cancer Support Community April 14 the Hilbert circle Theater



Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday February 19th

An album that was topping the the charts this month back in 1972 was recorded by a man who once got tossed out of a nightclub with John Lennon for heckling the Smothers Brothers. Lennon said, that usually there was someone there to say ” Lennon shut up” but this guy encouraged him and they both got the boot from the Troubadoor. Who did Lennon say was the instigator?

Harry Nilsson


Tuesday February 20th

Kurt’s women were often the inspiration for his songs….Teen Spirit was the deodorant used by one time girl friend and inspiration Tobi Vail but it was another girl, Tracy Marander that inspired another well know Cobain song. What song from Bleach did she find out was written for her?

 About A Girl
Wednesday February 21st

A tragic accident resulted in the death of one film maker and several others in South Georgia 4 years ago today when they were struck by a train after placing a bed on an active railroad tressle

The film they were working starred William Hurt and was about the life and times of what legendary musician?

Gregg Allman
Thursday February 22nd

On Tuesday we noted several birth anniveraries of people who made significant contributions to music including Kurt Cobain, Randy California, Walter Becker and J. Geils all with birth anniversaries on 2/20. The least known of these names, Spirits Randy California, is said to have taught some blues riffs to another guitarist born on the same day who was his neighbor growing up in New York. Who was the beneficiary of these guitar lessons?

Walter Becker
 Friday February 16th

Country ladies and rockers…some unusual combos over the years include Mark Knopfker and Emmylou Harris and Jack White with Loretta Lynn. What other unusual combo cleaned up at the the Grammys this date in 2009?

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss