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Join Paul Mendenhall weekday mornings for the WTTS Morning Show. Start your morning with lots of “world class” rock  including a 92 minute music set that starts at 8:30 and Paul has information about shows, artists and pertinent local news and events.

At 7:35am, play the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for a daily prize.

Week of June 19th

Win tickets for Dispatch and Guster June 28th on the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn with the Morning Music Mindbender at 7:35.



Past Mindbender music trivia questions:

Monday June 19th

A band big enough to have a chief financial officer found out 5 years ago today that theirs had been living large at their expense. According to the King County prosecutor’s office Rickey Goodrich had been taking lavish vacations getting spa treatments an d drinking fine wine at what groups expense?

Pearl Jam

Tuesday June 20th

This day in 2008 a musician partnered with a NY gambling company to buy the Trump Marina Hotel Casino for $316 million. Who do you suppose have the financial wherewithal to swing such a deal?

 Jimmy Buffett
Wednesday June 7th
Not nearly as welcome in America  as the Beatles, what rock group was booed off stage   in mid 60s San Antonio and replaced by the performing monkeys that had opened for them?
The Rolling Stones

Thursday June 8th

The album of the summer of 1985, it spent 5 weeks at the number one, it’s title was inspired by the book and TV mini series “Sybil”

Tears for Fears “Songs From The Big Chair”

Friday June 9th

What UK artist was inspired to write one of his most famous songs based off Jackie Wilson’s “Reet Petite”

Van Morrison “Jackie Wilson Said”