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Paul with Jonny Lang

Paul with Jonny Lang

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Veteran local anchor Ray Cortopassi provides Fox 59 Morning News Updates. Also, catch WTTS traffic updates to help you find your way to work while missing the delays.

At 7:35am, check out the Morning Music Mindbender. Test your musical knowledge for daily prize packages!

This Week: April 14th

Another great set of tickets on the Morning Music Mindbender, we’ll give you the news Monday morning!


Paul’s Picks

David Letterman has announced his retirement from the Late Show. Did you know that he briefly hosted a morning show before starting “Late Night”? The show included Edie McClurg appearing as Mrs. Marv Mendenhall (the name actually inspired by our morning host when he was just a kid). This is a segment from that show but Edie is not in this segment…

The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  April 14th

In 1971 the Illinois Crime Commission  listed 9 songs it found to be drug oriented. One of the songs on the list had an instrumental melody inspired by Bach but seemed to suggest abuse of alcohol more than “drugs”. What song on the list was one of the biggest selling singles of all time?

A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)


Tuesday April 15th

Robert Cray once had the audacity to write a blues song complaining about paying his taxes to the IRS. What tax appropriate numeric title did he give the song?

1040 Blues

Wednesday April 16th

It’s Dave Pirner’s 50th …Dave’s the lead singer for a band that once put on a prom for high school kids in North Dakota who had been flooded out of their prom nights in 1997. What Minnesota based band is Dave the lead singer of?

Soul Asylum

Thursday April 10th

Happy 30th  birthday to Mandy Moore.  She and her indie rocker husband celebrated their 5th anniversary with a 50s themed party at an American Legion Hall. Who’s she married to?

Ryan Adams


Friday April 11th

John Fogerty met his wife, hoosier Julie Kramer during his 1986 concert stop in Indianapolis. The concert was held at an outdoor venue no longer used for music. Where did Fogerty play here in 1986?

The Indianapolis Tennis Center

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