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Paul with Spoon

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This Week: November 3rd

Win tickets for Ingrid Michaelson at the Buskirk Chumley on the Morning Music Mindbender at 7:35.

The Morning Music Mindbender

Monday  October 27th

Sometimes a bands acronyms or initials are  more commonly used than their full names but when one 90s-2000s band changed their name from Mighty Joe Young to their current name they had the initials picked out first. Who came up with words to match their favorite letters?

Stone Temple Pilots

Tuesday October 28th

Ben Harper turns 45 today…he has won Grammys in pop and blues categories and in a completely different genre in 2005. What other type of music has Ben been recognized for?


Wednesday October 29th

Happy Birthday to Roger O’Donnel although you may not be familiar with his nmae he played synthesizer and keyboards for the Psychadelic Furs and the Thompson Twins but was best know for his work with what other major 80s alternative band?

The Cure

Led Zeppelin II

Thursday October 30th

She was invited to the White House for a tea for graduates of the all girl Finch College which both she and Tricia Nixon had attended. Her alleged intention was to spike President Nixon’s tea with LSD but luckily  she and her radical escort Abbie Hoffman were recognized by the Secret Service as being on the FBI blacklist and were not admitted to the tea. What 60s singer songwriter once tried to enter the White House with bad intent?

Grace Slick


Friday October 31st

The writer of one of the creepier themed songs of the 70s described the writing process of imagining Alice Cooper doing a Randy Newman type ballad. What American songwriter and band front man once wrote a song from the perspective of a murderer?

David Byrne “Psycho Killer”

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