Serena Ryder – Interview

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Breakout artist Serena Ryder caught up

with Brad Holtz about her success with the

hit single “Stompa”, forth-coming tours

and shows, life on the road, and her own

song-writing process.




Dido Interview

Dido Interview

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Brad Holtz talked to British artist

Dido about her album Safe Trip

Home, learning to play the

drums for her new record, and

working with renowned

producer Brian Eno.

Lindsey Buckingham – Interview

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Lindsey Buckingham‘s days of Fleetwood

Mac may be behind him, but his passion for

music has never ended. The legend stopped by

with Brad Holtz to discuss family influences on

his new music, rumours of a reincarnation of

Fleetwood Mac, and working with Sheryl Crow.

Brett Dennen Live at WTTS

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Brett Dennen stopped by WTTS to play a few songs. Brett even played a cover of Tom Petty that you won’t hear anywhere else. Take a listen below!

Sydney (I’ll Come Running)

Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)