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WTTS OverEasy, January 1, 2012

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Hey, I get to open the new year!  Kickin’.

Ahem.  So, anyway, it was a very good year for artists in the OverEasy universe.  Paul Simon visited IU Auditorium for a show that we got to broadcast live, G. Love collaborated with the Avett Brothers, Amos Lee collaborated with Calexico, one of the Black Keys produced an album for another Ohio artist, Pink Floyd released a surprising early version of a classic song with help from a legendary jazz violinist, Tony Bennett celebrated a big birthday with a new duets album, the Decemberists put out two studio recordings in one year, Iron and Wine visited Sun King Studio 92, and Gillian Welch and Tom Waits released their first new work in almost a decade.  And that’s for starters, friends.

Now obviously, we can’t cover everything we would have liked in the show that will open the New Year, but we will get a healthy scoop of some significant material, this Sunday on 92.3 WTTS from 7 to 11am AND pm, on OverEasy.

Have a safe New Year.  See you on Sunday.
Todd Berryman,
December 30, 2011.

WTTS OverEasy, December 11, 2011

WTTS OverEasy, December 11, 2011

1 Comment 09 December 2011

With the launch of the Million Dollar Quartet at Old National Centre this coming week, the music of those four legendary performers that haunted Sam Phillips’ Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee in the fifties is back in mind.  Recently, longtime WTTS favorite Chris Isaak recorded and released his own salute to the music of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis called Beyond the Sun.  What makes the album even more interesting is that he did part of the tracking in the same room where the original songs were laid down, over five decades after the fact.

It’s a testament to the vision of Sam Phillips, not just as an A&R man and label boss, but as a technical guy – when you hear a certain kind of reverb, you instantly think “Sun Records” on hearing it.  That effect was so distinctive that, according to Elvis scholar Ernst Mikael Jorgenson, when Elvis made the jump to RCA Records in 1956, the engineers for the label were so stymied by how Phillips got his slapback echo for his singles that they couldn’t reproduce it, and during the recording of “Heartbreak Hotel” were reduced to putting a microphone in an empty hallway to get a weak approximation of it.

Sam Phillips may no longer be with us, nor many of the genius talents that helped birth rock and roll with him, but the music continues with a little help from Chris Isaak.  Todd Berryman will feature Beyond the Sun this week on OverEasy, this Sunday from 7 to 11am AND pm, on 92.3 WTTS.      

Chris Isaak and Jerry Lee Lewis cover a song from The Wizard of Oz

WTTS OverEasy, December 4, 2011

WTTS OverEasy, December 4, 2011

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Lyle Lovett has a new album coming out early next year, but to tide us over (Christmas tidings, get it?), he’s released a new EP exclusively online called Songs for the Season.  Only two of the three pieces will appear on the new album, so you’ll probably want to grab the EP online while you can.  We’re featuring the tracks from this EP, and a selection of songs from the WTTS Collector’s Edition Volume 17, this week on OverEasy, Sundays from 7 to 11am AND pm, on 92.3 WTTS. 

Find out more about what’s going on with Lyle Lovett at

Lyle performing “North Dakota” on Live by Request 

New Norah Jones Material – sort of – in January

New Norah Jones Material – sort of – in January

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Well, it ain’t Rumours, Mark II – and thank goodness.

Norah Jones had broken up with longtime boyfriend (and band member) Lee Alexander way back in 2007, but it apparently doesn’t mean the end of their creative partnership.  In one of those interesting Catch-22s that seem to come up once in a while, the music that brought them back together is country music, the music of heartbreak.  Jones and Alexander, along with singer/songwriter Richard Julian, Jim Campilongo and Dan Rieser, return with the second album credited to the Little Willies, For the Good Times, in January 2012.  More here


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