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Now, that was fun. We just wrapped up our annual display of thousands of songs from our music library, all in alphabetical order

How well did you do on the A to Z Playlist Poll? Answers are posted below!

What band will have the first song of WTTS A to Z?

Barenaked Ladies – “A”

What artist has the most songs in WTTS A to Z?

The Beatles (83 songs)

Which letter will have the most songs in WTTS A to Z?

S (247)

Which word will start the most titles in WTTS A to Z?

All (23)

Which artist will have the last song of WTTS A to Z?

U2 – “Zooropa”

Click here to see the complete WTTS A to Z playlist (it’s a larger file, so you may want to right-click and “save as” to download the list).

WTTS A To Z was presented by Dreyer & Reinbold…”Five brands, one passion for driving,” and supported by Live NationLaughing Matters,Puccini’s, and The Indianapolis Home Show.


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