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WTTS A To Z: The Best of ‘TTS in Alphabetical Order

5 Comments 16 January 2018


Right now, you’re hearing the best of ‘TTS, all in alphabetical order! From classic rock and deep album cuts to alternative and new music, it’s WTTS A To Z, presented by Dreyer & Reinbold … Five brands, one passion for driving.

Thanks to positive 92-3 VIP feedback, we’ll play WTTS A To Z later each day, so once you’re home, turn on 92-3 WTTS to keep listening to our musical journey.

WTTS A To Z is also supported by: Camptown, You Move Me, Laughing Matters and The Indianapolis Home Show.

A few notes about how we alphabetize the music:

-Articles “the” and “a” are ignored

-Numbers are spelled out (“1979” is “Nineteen Seventy Nine,” for instance. “Back 2 Good” becomes “Back To Good.”)

-Acronyms are ignored (ie: “FM” will tall in the middle of the letter “F,” instead of leading it off.)

-Cover songs? We ignore the spelling of the artist and put the original first, followed by the cover.

-Different songs with the same title? We alphabetize based on the band or artist’s name.


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5 Comments so far

  1. Gary Poole says:

    In the first hour of A to Z you played “ABC” and “Adam raised a Cain” but you didn’t play “A Pirate looks at forty”, “A hard days night”, “A song for you” and most importantly “A face in the crowd”.

  2. Brad says:

    We are ignoring the articles “the” and “a.” So “A Pirate Looks At Forty,” for instance, will fall in the letter “P.”

  3. Bonnie Lewis says:

    I am loving the A to Z!!!! So many memories! So many great songs and artists! I don’t want to fall asleep…’cause I don’t want to miss a thing. 😉

  4. Rachel says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy A to Z every year. Last year it really helped me stay calm as my wedding day approached, and it’s nice to be able to reminisce about it this year:) I’m really hoping to see a lot of U2 and David Bowie on the list!

  5. Jack says:

    Loving the A to Z ! We listen every year. It’s such a great variety of music.

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