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Time Capsule Theme Month

9 Comments 01 March 2016

Time Capsule Theme Month

Weekdays at noon and 9pm, we flash back during the WTTS Time Capsule. Throughout March, we did something different and had “Theme Month” on the Time Capsule. We focused on a fun musical theme each week including WTTS Guitar Greats, Funk At Lunch, One Hit Wonders, Rock Of The 90s and Yacht Rock. Thanks for listening!


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  1. Sam heiser says:

    May I nominate Clapton of course, and the intro to “Bad Love”
    I knew a heart surgeon who started the first case of every day with that song. Woke up the room, and got things started. So many talented folks, but you gotta recognize the demigods of the instrument

  2. Monica Wycoff says:

    My FAVORITE Guitairists are Kenny Wayne Sheperd!!!!! Eric Clapton, and B.b. King, of course. Let’s not forget Johnny Lang & Susan Tedeschi.

  3. Zoe says:

    Duane Allman and Johnny Winter were at least on Clapton’s level, if not better – it’d be great to hear them this week. Bonnie Raitt is also up there.

  4. Chris Wyatt says:

    My favorite guitarists are: Johnny Ramone; Billy Zoom and Steve Jones

  5. Rocky Bloniarz says:

    Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Mark Knofler. Guitar impresarios, indeed!

  6. Bob Wallace says:

    Lindsey Buckingham (Go Your Own Way-absolute power, Waddy Wachtel, the whole California crew all kinda rock.

  7. Jammin' John Schaefer says:

    Joe Satriani HAS to be on this list.

    The trinity of Clapton, Beck and Page.


    Outside the box for WTTS, Al Di Meola.

    I just saw Tommy Emmanuel in concert and he was phenomenal.

  8. Mike Gavin says:

    The guitarist all others look up to: Jimi Hendrix. Let us not forget Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, Leo Kotke, Tommy Emanuel, and Elvin Bishop. Stevie Ray and John Mayer too.

  9. Sarah says:

    This list isn’t complete without John Mayer.