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World Class Rock A To Z

3 Comments 01 February 2013

World Class Rock A To Z is back! One of our favorite TTS traditions returns January 28th at 9 a.m. with Barenaked Ladies’ “A” all the way through U2’s “Zooropa.” Join us everyday through February 8th as we take you on a journey through our vast music library. The alphabetical adventure continues 6 a.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. on Saturday, and after OverEasy on Sunday.

Want a quick sample? Listen below:

World Class Rock A-to-Z is sponsored by Dreyer & Reinbold

The Official World Class Rock A To Z Rules Of The Alphabet

  • “A” and “The” are articles that go at the end of the title and essentially, don’t “count” (for example, “The Core” would fall in the letter C).
  •  Different songs with the same title are placed alphabetically based on the band or last name of the artist.
  • With multiple versions of the same SONG, we break the alphabet rule and go in chronological order – original first, then cover.
  • Song titles that are numbers (“1979,” “1901,” “5:15,” “3 AM” are spelled out).
  • “Mr.” or “Mrs.” songs fall in the alphabet in the “Mr” or “Mrs” section.
  • Acronyms (“S.R.V., L.A.”, for example), fall first in the letter.
  • The ampersand is spelled out as “and,” such as “Rock AND Roll,” not “Rock & Roll”).
  • Parenthesis are ignored, though the content within the parenthetical is not. For instance “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” will fall in the letter I. “(The Angels Want To Wear My) Red Shoes” would fall in the letter A.

Paul, Brad, and Laura discuss the rules

The penalty for screwing up the alphabet? Wear the dreaded A To Z Dunce Cap.


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3 Comments so far

  1. Karen says:

    World Class Rock A To Z is the best! I don’t really know why I enjoy it so much… just that I do!

  2. Steve McDaniel says:

    Can you purchase CD’s with the whole A to Z because it is awesome

  3. BrianC says:

    There aren’t enough interns in the world to put that collection together! With the WTTS Playlist Center as a reference, you might be able to wrap that project up by A To Z time next year.

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