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Free Download Of The Week: Ben Gibbard

Comments Off on Free Download Of The Week: Ben Gibbard 25 January 2013

From Seattle, Washington, Ben Gibbard is perhaps best known as the frontman for Death Cab For Cutie., half of The Postal Service, and as ¡All-Time Quarterback!. His latest solo effort, Former Lives, is his first full length release under his own name. Out this past October, the album is a showcase of Gibbard’s last eight years of songwriting.  He also plays almost all the instruments on the album.  Collaborators on Former Lives include ex-wife  Zooey Deschanel, drummer Jon Wurster, and singer-songwriter Aimee Mann who is featured in this week’s download “Bigger Than Love.” We are no longer able to offer a download of “Bigger Than Love,” but still enjoy the video below!


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Benjamin Gibbard – “Bigger Than Love”
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