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WTTS Indy Underground – April 23, 2012

Comments Off on WTTS Indy Underground – April 23, 2012 23 April 2012

After spending Saturday night celebrating Record Store Day, we return tonight on WTTS Indy Underground to our bread and butter: original songs from original artists. You don’t get any more original than Jack White, who has continued to tease us with a slow leak of Blunderbuss before the (thankful) unveiling tomorrow. Now that we’ve had a month to digest The Shins latest, we’ll pull out the best parts of Port of Morrow (after the first single “Simple Song”, of course). And another band to see high expectations come with just a 4 song EP has released a debut full-length. We’ll see how Alabama Shakes measure up.

All this and more, tonight at 8 on WTTS Indy Underground.

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