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Paul Previews Naptown Rock Radio Wars

4 Comments 13 January 2012

Naptown Rock Radio Wars is a new documentary about the history of rock and roll radio in Indianapolis. It will have a world premiere at the IMAX theater at White River State Park on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 7pm. A second showing has been added at 10pm. You can find details on the Things to Do page.

Paul had a chance to speak with some of the DJs who helped shape Indianapolis radio and will be featured in the new film. Hear the conversations below.

Be sure to watch the trailer as well!

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4 Comments so far

  1. Naptown Girl says:

    Will they keep this at the IMAX for awhile? Or will it come out on DVD? Can’t make it to the showing on Saturday, but would LOVE to see this. Buster Bodine, Chris Connor, Bruce Munson, and Tom Cochran were a regular part of my day as a teenager. What great memories!

  2. Brad says:

    Look for the movie to run locally on PBS later this spring. Should be a good one!

  3. John Rabold says:

    Right now they are just doing the IMAX showing for 7p and 10p on the 14th. WFYI most likely will broadcast it later this year, most likely edited down from its 1 hour and 43 minute running time…but we’ll see. I know they would like to explore a DVD, however with all the music in the movie they are having to cut through legal red tape for royalties and other music licenses. Perhaps the Fair Use Act will prevail in this…lawyers are talking…stay tuned..

  4. john Wright says:

    Please find a way to have more showings of this film locally, possibly with the help of Heartland or someone. People who were students or young adults at that time would love to share these memories with their friends and families.

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