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Dave Grohl’s Beef with Michael Jackson

Comments Off on Dave Grohl’s Beef with Michael Jackson 11 November 2011

Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, is annoyed by Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, Michael. Grohl was asked to play drums on “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day” alongside Lenny Kravitz. He recorded for the album and received credit in the linear notes for the recording, but he claims that they didn’t actually use his drum parts. He said the following in Red Bulletin:

“That was messed up actually. Lenny Kravitz – who I only met once – called and asked if I want to play drums on a track. I said, ‘Sure’, played drums on it and I never heard from them again. On the sleeve notes it says ‘Michael Jackson featuring Lenny Kravtiz and Dave Grohl’ but they didn’t use any of my recordings. That’s not cool.”

Maybe Grohl was still upset that they couldn’t actually get Jackson to play along with this stunt:

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