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WTTS OverEasy, October 23, 2011

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Give some props to Bob Dylan:  taking a page from Billy Bragg and Wilco when they resurrected unrecorded lyrics of Woody Guthrie for the Mermaid Avenue album (with the blessings and encouragement of his estate), Dylan has spearheaded an album project designed to bring Hank Williams into the modern age.  Unlike Mermaid Avenue, which was the work of only two contributors, Dylan contacted multiple musicians in the rock, Americana and country music fields  and asked them to flesh out unused Hank Williams lyrics with their own original music, and the result is The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams.

The title comes from something discovered with the passing of the country music legend, an extensively battered leather carryall containing notebooks chock-full of songs in process.  With help from the Williams estate and a few former contibutors, Dylan put together the project and tapped WTTS favorites like Norah Jones, Jack White, Sheryl Crow and former Band-mate Levon Helm to add music, and this album is the result.

Find out more about the project at!

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