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Harrison’s Life Displayed

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Written by Laura Duncan

All my life, I have adored listening to the music of The Beatles. Although that may seem like a generic statement shared by the masses, none could capture the sentiment in my heart any better. In my later years, my attention turned to the varying styles of presentation as  their collective lives matured. Even though, traditionally, most of the attention has been bestowed upon John and Paul, I realize that the legendary status would not have been the same if any member had been absent. The balance of personalities was as key as the musical contributions themselves. Eventually, solo careers were established and the actual influence of each member’s passion could be felt independently.

Tonight my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, will be celebrated on the small screen as we witness the first viewing of, George Harrison: Living In The Material World. The documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese, will air in two parts beginning this evening on HBO. We hear from some of George’s favorite people and those who knew him best. The usual suspects will take part like, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Paul and Ringo along with some surprises like Jackie Stewart and Phil Spector. Don’t expect a rehashing of the life of George as it appeared in tandem with the Beatles. This piece is more a reflection of a man’s character and the spiritual journey that guided his life.

I hope you find time to pause for a moment, enjoy the  presentation of the life of a beautiful human being and the sculptor of many musical memories.  If you do not have access to HBO, the DVD will be released on October 10.


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