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WTTS OverEasy, September 18, 2011

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Well, I’ll just go all A.A. Milne-styley here…let’s call this edition¬†In Which a Legend Gets a Little Help from Other Performers as Part of His 85th Birthday Celebration.

It’s a milestone year for the kid that was born Anthony Dominick Benedetto in 1926 – you now know him as Tony Bennett. Unlike many vocal performers who’ve coasted on their legacies at one point or another, Bennett has not been shy about working to reach a larger audience, and not just the one made up of peers or those that grew up listening to him. Where many performers from his era were fine playing to the audience they’d always had, Tony Bennett took time and trouble over the years to pull other musicians and fans into his sphere. The latest evidence is Duets II, a collection featuring new performances in collaboration with longtime WTTS favorites like John Mayer, Norah Jones, k.d. lang and Sheryl Crow.

Check it out, this Sunday from 7 to 11am AND pm, on 92.3 WTTS.
Todd Berryman

P.S. – Just a quick reminder that the show on September 25th will mark my 10th anniversary as full-time OverEasy host, and I’m wanting to celebrate the event with your help. Tell me about songs or artists the show has turned you on to, and the circumstances you heard them in…were you driving, having brunch on Sunday, saying goodbye to a lover or hello to a friend? What made a given song or artist reach out and grab you? What caught your interest and made you seek out the recordings? I’d really like to know your backstories, so let me know as soon as you can – just so, like Santa, I have time to read all the contributions¬†–¬†at (and if you could like the page, that would also be welcomed), or at

And thanks, as always, for all the eartime and support over the past decade. I am humbled by your patronage of our little weekly excursions into the Great Unheard. -tb.

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