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WTTS OverEasy, October 2, 2011

Comments Off on WTTS OverEasy, October 2, 2011 30 September 2011

The guys in Wilco have now made the move that had been waiting in the wings for the past decade:  starting their own record label, dBpm (deciBels per minute, natch).  And they’ve brought the noise this time around for their first album on the new label.  No guest appearances, no foolin’ around, just a strong contender for one of the Best Albums of 2011.  In spite of a few reviews that might give a different impression, it feels like the strongest and most consistent recording they’ve done since their second album, Being There

Hear selections from Wilco’s latest, The Whole Love, this week on OverEasy, 7 to 11am AND pm Sunday, on 92.3 WTTS.

A Wilco b-side not included on the new album


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