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Next Stop, A Former Cow Pasture…

Comments Off on Next Stop, A Former Cow Pasture… 10 June 2011

As we headed south to The Roo in what seems to be the heat capital of the world, Manchester TN, we discussed what artists we didn’t want to miss.  So many choices…a music lover’s dream.  We missed all the storms we were being told were all around us, sun shining all the way down, first good sign.  We prepared for the music tour by listening to some new music Lissie, Sam Roberts Band, Foo Fighters to name a few.  Nashville had a little snag in store, a 5:00 rush hour added 1 1/2 hours to the trip but Bonnaroo is all about patience so we  turned up the tunes and inched our way through.  Pulled in at 8:00 to the most beautiful big red sunset, second good sign.  Awwww, music summer camp has begun.  After getting our “home away from home” all set and catching up with fellow radio and music friends we headed out to check out the lay of the land.  A sold out festival this year and it appears most have already arrived.  We stumbled on our first Bonnaroo band of 2011, Band of Skulls.  Watching from side stage, feeling the bass shake the ground…awww, yes, this is Bonnaroo.   The smell of food and other interesting odors  in the air far outweigh the smell of people…but I suspect that will all change tomorrow as the temps crawl to mid 90’s.  Pace yourself….that’s the name of the game.  As the Rookies head out for an all-nighter, we know there are three amazing days ahead…pace yourself.

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