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k.d. lang has been known as a stylistic chameleon for over two decades now, starting for most with her genre-busting torch album Ingenue in 1992.  Ever since, she’s leapfrogged across styles and themes, including one album devoted (mostly) to covers of songs written by fellow Canadian musicians.  This time out, she’s got a credited band, the first since the dissolution of her 1980s ensemble, the Reclines.  This group, the Siss Boom Bang, has at its heart help from a bandleader who had been a member of Guster, who also coproduces this new album.

Hear the results of her newfound collaboration this week, on OverEasy.  

k.d. lang substituting for an ailing Neil Young on the Juno Awards in 2005.

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1 comment

  1. Ivy says:

    kd lang is one of the greatest but most underappreciated voices in our time (She was not mentioned as one of the top 50 vocalists in RS mag) From her interviews and the public appearances I have seen, she has maintained humility and gratefulness, and over the many years, she has been steadfast about not fitting into the public’s perception of what it is to be a celebrity female vocalist.

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