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Pink Floyd to Reissue and Expand Catalogue

3 Comments 12 May 2011

Pink Floyd announced that they are launching “Why Pink Floyd…?”, a massive reissue campaign. “Some of the very early demo stuff from ’66 is extraordinary – things we recorded in Broadhurst Gardens mainly so we could enter the Melody Maker beat competition,” Floyd drummer Nick Mason told Rolling Stone. “It’s extraordinary primarily because of Syd [Barrett], hearing him so crystal clear, the way he was playing, and bringing back memories of that first year, when I first met him.”  On September 26th, a remastered Dark Side of the Moon will be released both as a six-disc “Immersion” box set, as well as a two-disc “Experience” set and a vinyl LP. Fourteen remastered Pink Floyd albums will also be released at that time, both separately and as a box set. Then, on November 7th, Wish You Were Here will be released in five-disc and two-disc versions, along with the single-disc collection, A Foot in the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd. And on February 27th, The Wall will be issued in a seven-disc “Immersion” version and a three-disc “Experience” set. The set includes a “Wish You Were Here” demo with Stephane Grappelli on violin.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Bob Brault says:

    Wow! Stephane Grappelli! Saw him tear it up in Cleveland in 1978!

    Can’t wait to hear the early demo stuff with Syd. As Joe Chambers once said, “My soul has been psychedelicized!”

  2. Todd Berryman says:

    The performance with Stephane Grappelli ALONE would be worth the price of admission.

    I guess us fans of MEDDLE and ANIMALS still have some waiting to do for the immersion experience. Unless I’m not understanding something.

  3. Rich Hardcastle says:

    I saw this already on the Floyd’s website. I’m interested to see justs how much the immersion is. I love the Meddle album, although not so much into Animals. Isn’t Stephane Grappelli on the Wish You Were Here album already, but very briefly?

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