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Time Traveller in Chaplin Film?

3 Comments 29 October 2010

In the spirit of the season I would like to share this link to an Irish film buff’s presentation on a woman carrying a cell phone in a Charlie Chaplin film…IN 1928!!!

Jump to 2:36 in the video…Freaky!

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3 Comments so far

  1. Electrical Engineer says:

    If we make the assumption that time travel is actually a possibility and this woman is actually holding a cell phone, we have to admit there was no technical cell phone infrastructure in the 1920’s to carry a cell phone signal!
    (i.e. most obvious no cell towers to carry the signal or the CDMA encryption/decription for the signal to work)

    The only radio carrier waves available were AM signals in the 1920’s

    However, if we restate the caption that the woman is talking on a “walkie talkie”, with another person then it’s technically credible. Since both time travelers would hold the technology to both transmit/receive in their hand held devices. BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE in time travel.

  2. Jack Bray says:

    1924 Siemens hearing aid

  3. Paul Mendenhall says:

    I wasn’t sure if time travel occured in a dimension that would allow use of cell phone towers in another dimension, a sort of parallel universe. Anyway, this is probably going much too far now that Halloween has passed!

    Thanks for the comments and the 1924 Siemens hearing aid is a great explanation.

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