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Overheard at Pitchfork

Comments Off on Overheard at Pitchfork 17 July 2010

Part of the fun of a festival are the insane conversations you overhear or are fortunate enough to be a part of. Here is a sampling of some of the chatter surrounding Pitchfork this weekend:

“If we stop here, we can get breakfast. But it will be lunch…to go!” – George interpreting a sandwich shop sign.

“We’re buying ourselves a dancing horse!” – George’s reaction to a billboard on the way to Chicago.

“They didn’t let you in? What’s goin” down?” – A confused 16 year old on the phone after entering the festival

“You know who else is here? The tickle bear!” – My friend Jon, after saying I was glad to see him at Pitchfork. Yes, I was tickled soon after.

“I hate festivals.” – An upset girl prior to Broken Social Scene’s set.

“Guys, I’m going to pretend to tell you about this thing. Try to act interested.” – An employee of a company that was demonstrating a new smart phone app. We ended up talking about the best karaoke songs to sing.

“I have that same Spoon shirt!” – A man running after another man wearing a shirt that he also owned, apparently

“So you’re telling me your number is 867-5309?” – We think she was trying to give him a fake number.

“I wish they would invent some sort of man heel that was socially acceptable.” – A short gentleman behind a group of taller people waiting to see Modest Mouse

The music and conversation continues through tomorrow. Keep checking back for updates. Wolf Parade, Bear in Heaven, Panda Bear, and LCD Soundsystem are still on tap for tonight.

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