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Fork In The Road — Getting Ready

Comments Off on Fork In The Road — Getting Ready 15 July 2010

Hours from now Craig and I will be in Chicago attending the 5th annual Pitchfork Music Festival. We learned a couple things from last year’s festival to remember for this year. They are as follows:

  • Some people may be weird, deal with it.
  • People will snarl as you enter a photo pit.
  • No matter how hard you look, you will never find NPR’s Bob Boilen.
  • Sunscreen may be optional, but your skin is vital. Use your head.
  • Double knot your shoes.
  • Buying/carrying around vinyl and/or posters in 90° heat is a poor decision.
  • Only use the facilities when you’ve reached the breaking point.

Leggings Are So 2009 - P4K 2009Record Sale - P4K 2009Flatstock Poster Alley - P4K 2009

There’s no telling what the hours of driving ahead of us may hold, but what we do know that regardless of the heat, snarls, untied shoes or the invisible Bob Boilen — it’s all about the music. And we’re looking to enjoy it.

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