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Craig’s Pitchfork Recap — Day 2

Comments Off on Craig’s Pitchfork Recap — Day 2 18 July 2010

Day 2 of the Pitchfork Music Festival was longer, more humid, and more fun than Day 1. Here’s the recap:

$3.25 ATM surcharges are never cool.

Free Energy proved that most songs are better with, “na-na-nahs.”

Netherfriends brought an energetic multi-instrumental onslaught to please the hometown crowd.

Real Estate sounds like a summer spent in the city, when you’re dreaming of a summer spent on the beach.

If you haven’t see Why? I have to ask, “Why not?” Stellar interpretations of their recorded work.

Wolf Parade is a force to be reckoned with in the live setting. They have a powerful sound, but they’re not overbearing. They put together old favorites and new songs from Expo 86 into one of the best sets of the weekend thus far.

Bear in Heaven demanded to be taken seriously with their meticulous electronic-drenched rock.

LCD Soundsystem closed the night by turning Union Park into the biggest dancefloor in Chicago. An unbelievable set that was as fun as it was musically impressive.

The third and final day kicks off in a few hours. Local Natives, Here We Go Magic, St. Vincent, and Pavement are just a few of the acts I’m eager to hear today. Be sure to catch our Indy Underground Pitchfork Music Festival Recap at 8pm tomorrow!

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