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Craig’s Fork in the Road Recap — Day 1

Comments Off on Craig’s Fork in the Road Recap — Day 1 17 July 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth has a voice that cuts through the festival noise and gives you chills in the 90 degree heat.

The most bizarre moment came during El-p’s set with a keytar solo during a song sampling “Walk on the Wild Side.” My head nearly exploded.

If you expected Liars to mimic their laid back presence on the Beck Record Club interpretation of INXS’s album, you would be in for a shock. They played loud, fast, and aggressive tunes that were drenched in distortion, in a good way.

The MC before Hannibal Burress at the comedy stage inexplicably threw frozen cheeseburgers, candy, and a four cheese lasagna in the crowd.

The folks at the Pitchfork festival made a lot of fans by announcing they cut the price of bottled water to $1 for the rest of the weekend.

Robyn and her band, decked out in white, brought an hour of danceable Euro Electro-pop to the table. Most Americans still don’t like to let loose and dance, sadly.

I’ve been waiting six years to see Broken Social Scene and the wait was worth it, despite some technical snags early in the set. The full band plus a strings and horn section made the performance sound as lush and full as their albums. Even more entertaining was a kid dancing like Michael Jackson throughout their set in the audience. He had a fan club by the end of the show.

You don’t truly appreciate the range of Modest Mouse’s material and their intensity until you see them live. It was a great way to cap off day one of Pitchfork 2010.

More to come! George will have pictures and interviews to share soon!

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