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Arcade Fire Streams Live

1 Comment 27 July 2010

MontrĂ©al’s Arcade Fire has been known for its extreme secrecy: releasing only the artwork for their new album The Suburbs (now revealing that there are in fact 8 different randomly chosen options), then they release only snippets of songs from the new record as a teaser for the fans, but now, they want to let everyone in on the gig… literally.

That’s right, the band’s August 5th show at Madison Square Garden will be streamed live on YouTube for those who can’t make it, those who don’t live in the area or those who possibly live in MontrĂ©al. Arcade Fire may be secretive as to what they’re doing or what will come, but they’re finally letting people in.

For more from the local, independent and underground music scene, check out WTTS Indy Underground Monday nights at 8 and the encore presentation Saturday nights at 9. We promise we won’t be as secretive…

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1 comment

  1. Bob Brault says:

    Sweet psychedelic trailer for what promises to be a great musical event!

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