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WTTS OverEasy — May 9, 2010

1 Comment 07 May 2010

If you’ve heard OVEREASY in the past couple of weeks, you may recall singer/songwriter Tift Merritt‘s recent appearance on the show, and her discussion with Todd about a common affection, the lowly and lamented mixtape.  Tift then favored us with a song about that very subject, with that very title.  Last week, we played the studio version of “Mixtape” from her forthcoming album See You on the Moon, produced with Tucker Martine, known for his work with the Decemberists and Spoon.  This week, you’ll get to hear more from the album…until then, a song from her last album, Another Country:

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1 comment

  1. Scot Mellor says:

    For the past few months I have been listening to WTTS on my daily and weekend long runs on my Sansa and today,Todd Berryman just “sealed the deal” making my day and run by playing Way Down by the king from the Moody Blue album, Elvis’ last ever album…it really brought back the memories of the mid-70’s and all the great Elvis Music so rarely played…following it up with the other elvis…costello, has made WTTS my favorite radio station! Thanks again Todd…keep up the great work on Over Easy and each show and i will keep listening and telling others about WTTS!

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