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WTTS OverEasy — April 11, 2010

3 Comments 09 April 2010

It’s Record Store Day on April 17th, and Todd’s going to celebrate it a few days ahead of time with a Very Special OverEasy (kinda like those “very special episodes” of The Facts of Life, where they show clips from old shows, or they go to Europe, or someone burns down Mrs. Garrett’s deli, or whatever).  Todd’s going through his vinyl collection at home, digging through the stacks to rescue a few favorite songs to celebrate the big day a little early.  You’ll hear music from Bob Dylan with the Band, Joni Mitchell, Pure Prairie League and a whole passel more.

Plus, he’ll have give you a pair of tickets as Stormy Tuesday Records Presents an April 23rd show with Russ Baum at Birdy’s Bar and Grill, plus a copy of his new CD.

Read more about Record Store Day.

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  1. squirly toes says:


  2. ben says:

    WTTS should give the track listing for overeasy. i know they have the now playing play list on the front page, but they should list it separately on this page for review later-on. Besides…there was some killer old-time song that was played before Genesis “I Know What I Like” that was not listed on the now playing section and I’m dying to know what it was.

  3. kelly says:

    We cannot post the track listing for OverEasy until after the show, Ben, right issues related to streaming the show. BUT, it will be up on the OverEasy page tomorrow.

    Hang in there and don’t die yet! The playlist is coming!


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