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Pink Floyd, 1 – EMI, 0

Comments Off on Pink Floyd, 1 – EMI, 0 22 March 2010

You know how it is. You’re listening to your tunes on shuffle. One of your favorite Pink Floyd songs comes on. You’re really into it when…another song comes on, not Pink Floyd, kind of like an old 8-track tape.

Albums like Dark Side of the Moon were meant to run together so it’s pretty jarring when you listen to the songs on their own. And, Pink Floyd hates that. So much so that their contract with EMI prohibits sales of single songs from their albums. But, if you check iTunes, you’ll see them all up there for individual download. Pink Floyd cried foul and a British court agreed. For now, it just means a fine for the record label as the litigation continues, so you can still grab an individual copy of “Any Colour You Like” when it suits you, and we promise not to tell Roger Waters.

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