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Fork in the Road: Pitchwhat?

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Pitchwhat? 13 July 2009

The weather is heating up and so is festival season. However, the next round of weekend-long music, art, and fashion excess is all about what is cool. The Pitchfork Music Festival has been about bringing the latest and greatest indie music to Union Park since 2006. The lineup over the years has included obscure gems like The Ruby Suns, Brightback Morning Light, and Ghislain Poirier as well as established acts such as Spoon, Sonic Youth, Public Enemy, and Yoko Ono. Named after the uber-critical taste making website, Pitchfork is viewed by some as a sanctuary for snobs, elitists, and hipsters. Though some degree of pretention exists at the festival, we’re here to dispel some of the myths…but who are we kidding? We’ll reinforce some of the more humorous stereotypes anyways.


I did not attend the inaugural Pitchfork Music Festival, but I had a chance to go in both 2007 and 2008. The lineup for this year’s festival appears to be the best yet! George is new to the festival, but as a Chicago native, he has some experience with Lollapalooza and Summerfest. We’ll be blogging live from the festival and giving you information about some favorites of Indy Underground as well as some up-and-coming acts that we’ll be hearing for the first time.

Each year, Pitchfork has three stages, dozens of bands, great food, unique vendors, and a record sale that gives my wallet a thorough whipping. I usually end up stumbling around the festival carrying arms full of LPs and promotional freebies. Inevitably I run into a cute girl I went to high school with or an artist that is milling around waiting for the next band to begin (I ran into Jamie Lidell after his set and we joked about uninspiring laptop DJs). I think that is one of the main appeals of the festival. You can’t really pin down the type of person who will be sweating it out, elbow-to-elbow with you to catch a glimpse of the latest buzz band. And speaking of the bands, the artists always seem to be a part of the crowd and you can catch your underground icons rocking out to the same jangly indie jams as you.

However, the festival, like any other, can test your patience and endurance. This blog will serve as a safe retreat for us when we’re tired of fighting the heat and/or V-neck t-shirts and cardigans. I am looking forward to hearing some excellent music as well as admiring the carefully maintained handlebar moustaches and secondhand NBA jerseys that are sure to be sprinkled around the festival grounds. We’ll be sharing as much as possible from our experience with you. Maybe we’ll have a round of hipster bingo to pass the time…

If there’s anything you’d like for us to try to cover at the festival or feedback drop us an email at or if you’d rather reach out to my partner in crime.

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