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Fork in the Road: Plugged in and Tuned Out

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Plugged in and Tuned Out 18 July 2009

I am making this post on my phone. George and I are taking a break after the first two bands and we’re taking in some sounds from Plants and Animals from a distance. George is making a tally of unique facial hair he sees (it’s a tie between full beards and goatees) and I’m doing some people watching of my own.

Many people (myself included) are making use of mobile devices to call, text, and tweet the concert experience. Though this can ruin a concert in a club or indoor venue, it seems to gel with the openness of a relaxed outdoor festival. Festivals seem to be more about a shared experience and fluidity.

Patrons aren’t restricted to a seat or confined space. People meet, mingle, and experience the weekend together. Even if you’re not here, you’re at least able to follow along. Technology is a wonderful thing…as long as you don’t use it in the seat next to me in the theater or at a more intimate performance.

Thoughts? Comment away! I’m going to help George spot more handlebar moustaches.

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