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Fork in the Road: Mid-day update

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Mid-day update 18 July 2009

The day started off after dividing up the time between the newcomers, Cymabls Eat Guitars, and Chicago’s own Disappears. Disappears is a project featuring members of 90 Day Men and Baos. They had a guitar-heavy, riff-centric sound that reminded me a bit of Sonic Youth. Cymbals Eat Guitars fed off of an energetic crowd of early-birds and threw t-shirts into the masses at the conclusion of their set to show their appreciation.

Plants and Animals served up some quality tunes as we began our people-watching efforts. We ran into a freelance photographer in a poncho that was cutting holes into plastic sandwich bags to protect her camera during their set. It wasn’t for the rain, it was for the impending set from a band whose name is not fit to print. Needless to say, they were loud, wild, and the photographer was adequately prepared for the liquid that flew…some of which included alcohol and sweat.

George and I were then able to spend a few minutes with Cymbals Eat Guitars who were visibly and audibly excited by the amazing reception they received. We caught some songs from Bowerbirds (“House of Diamonds” and “Northern Lights” were highlights) before heading back to the press tent to regroup. I’m currently awaiting a phone call and a few minutes with The Antlers. I have some quick point-and-shoot images from my camera that I’ll be uploading at some point.

Back to “work”….

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