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Fork in the Road: Day 2

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Day 2 19 July 2009

George and I have checked in and are taking a minute to do some prep for the day in the press tent. As we entered we saw a steady stream of audience members entering the festival grounds. Some of them literally RUNNING to get up front for what is rumored to be The Mae Shi’s final show before three of the members split up to begin a new project. The Aluminum Stage is already covered in orange and yellow gear and elaborate lighting for the Flaming Lips’ set tonight. Wayne Coyne of the Lips is actually on stage overseeing the implementation of the final set pieces right now.

George and I are extremely excited to see the Flaming Lips tonight, and as mentioned in a previous post, I am probably as excited as anyone could be. We’re also somewhat sad about certain events transpiring today. We are awaiting our meeting with Chris Bear from Grizzly Bear. We will be saying goodbye to our friend, Mr. Grizzle, but he will have a good home with Chris and the boys in the band.

As far as the lineup today, we’re eager to hear the Portland-based folk-rolk stylings of Blitzen Trapper. Up-and-comers Women also have a reputation for a pretty stellar live show. The Thermals always are sure to please with their cathartic punk-pop hybrid (but don’t call it pop punk!) Electro wizards M83 will be glitchy, expansive, and moving if their show is anything like their albums. Grizzly Bear are riding a huge wave of positive press and outstanding performances that they will surely continue tonight. Then, the Flaming Lips are sure to cap off this weekend with something truly unforgettable.

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage this weekend. There will be more throughout the day and we will wrap up everything after the festival concludes. Thanks for the positive feedback. Let us know what you think through your comments or by contacting me at or contact George at

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