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Fork in the Road: Bear or Bust

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Bear or Bust 17 July 2009


You’re probably wondering why we have posted a picture of a plastic grizzly bear with a happy birthday sticker attached to his side in front of a Grizzly Bear LP. Well, dear reader, this is Mr. Grizzle. Mr. Grizzle is the happy birthday bear that wants to wish Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear happy birthday this Sunday. Mr. Grizzle, however, is a bear. Therefore he can not drive, nor was he able to get tickets for the festival (bears can’t apply for credit cards.)

It’s going to be risky, but we have decided to sneak Mr. Grizzle into the festival so that he may meet with Mr. Bear and do what any good happy birthday bear must do. This isn’t a free ride for Mr. Grizzle. In exchange for smuggling this joyful, plastic bearer (get it?) of good tidings into the festival, we have asked that he allow us to document his journey.

We’re eager to see Grizzly Bear perform at Pitchfork, but we must also remain diligent to accomplish the task at hand. Thus begins Operation: Bear or Bust. We’ll have periodic updates on Mr. Grizzle’s progress and our thoughts as we help this noble creature along the way.

To prepare and get pumped for the festival, Mr. Grizzle is listening to Grizzly Bear’s latest album, Veckatimest. His favorite song is “Hold Still.” He has a great sense of humor! More to come…

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