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Fork In The Road: Back In Indiana

Comments Off on Fork In The Road: Back In Indiana 20 July 2009

I’m writing this to say four words: I AM SO TIRED!!!

Craig and I got home from the festival traffic and transportation around midnight and woke up at six this morning to make it back with plenty of time to edit the interviews not only for Indy Underground (Pitchfork Special!) tonight, but also to catch up on blog posts, which is what I’m doing.  I can’t make any promises that I’ll have enough energy to get through everything.  I still have to post more pictures from The Walkmen, M83, Grizzly Bear and The Flaming Lips (Duh.) and the follow-up to my Hipster Glasses post and my findings about facial hair.

Check back frequently for updates — we’ve still got a lot to get through.

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