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Fork in the Road: Craig's Pitchfork Survival Kit

Comments Off on Fork in the Road: Craig's Pitchfork Survival Kit 15 July 2009

Music festivals tend to be thought of as hot and filthy (albeit fun) weekend-long affairs. Pitchfork may be a three-day festival, but patrons must exit at the conclusion of the last set each night. For us, this means a chance to sleep in a bed, have a nice breakfast, and, yes, even SHOWER before the festivities each day. Many attendees couch-surf for the weekend to avoid expensive hotels, but we’ll be able to stay within the confines of the domestic bliss known as George’s childhood home. Before and after the day’s events, we’ll also be able to take in some activities around Chi-town.

Despite how much more bearable this makes the experience, we will still have to be prepared to handle whatever Pitchfork will throw our way. I have compiled brief lists of my personal Pitchfork Survival Kit. No Pitchfork experience is exactly the same, so if you are making the trip, you too should think long and hard about what you will need to make it through the weekend. George is more content to ward off hipsters, so his items are far more ironic and obscure so as to ensure his safety.

Without further ado, we’ll start with the items that won’t be allowed at Pitchfork, and what items I intend to bring along.

Prohibited Items
Tents, flags, lounge chairs, instruments, knives or other weapons, video cameras, audio recording devices, professional cameras, pets, food, beverages (other than sealed bottled water), drugs or drug paraphernalia. Oddly enough, they also list “refunds” as prohibited.

My survival kit
*Blackberry (Seriously. Can’t function without it.)
Blackberry charger (This item will be forgotten regardless of how many times it’s written down.)
*My four-year old laptop (It’s like my big Blackberry that overheats.)
Hipster PDA (For quick notes and reminders)
*Nalgene bottle (you can’t bring in any liquids except bottled water, but there are fountains where you can fill up at the festival)
*Jeans (Utter refusal to wear shorts. Always.)
*Wallet/Cash (95% of all cash on hand will go towards records at the outstanding Record Sale on site. 85% if a bottle of water is purchased on-site.)
*Timbuk2 Bag (Not too indie, but not too out of fashion just yet…give it a week)
*Sunblock (Ever watch True Blood? I would say I have complexion slightly less fair than Bill Compton. )
*Ear plugs (I work in radio, I have to protect my ears!)
*Pest Spray (Mosquitoes aren’t the issue. George is.)

Oh…yea, and the tickets.

We’ll have a separate post for our listening materials for the trip. It’s a long drive and we’ll do some cruising around Chicago, so we’ll need some good tunes to take on our journey. George will also share his survival kit, hints, and tricks for dealing with the crowds at the festival.

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