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…will this pass get me on stage next to the drummer?

Comments Off on …will this pass get me on stage next to the drummer? 13 June 2009

“People of the mud, please move out of the pathway because your body matches the earth and I might crush you.”

“Does this black diamond pass get me on stage…like, let’s say, right next to the drummer?”

“I just want to take one picture, then I will move back out of the pit in front of the stage… yes, of course I am a photographer”

“Does anyone have any neck cream?  My neck skin looks dried out.”

“Hold Still, I can see my hair in your glasses and it looks a mess.”

“Please pass the stoner mix” (a concoction of sweet and salty snacks)

“There goes the girl with the painted bathing suit, Nick…Nick…NICK are you listening to me?”

“I am in desparate need of a bonabath.”

“I am with him, I’m his bitch” (trying to get side stage for a show that was forbidden…staying close to my friend who had an all access pass to the show.

The preceeding were all things I said today while out and about exploring the Bonnaroo festivites. So far today I have see Elvis Perkins, Heartless Bastards, Bon Iver, Robyn Hitchcock and one quick comedy show. My goal is to see some of the artists I have never seen perform live. Tonight, it will be a little Wilco, Bruce, The Mars Volta, Decemberists and Elvis Costello. Bonnaroo Music Festival is best experienced in person, but since you cannot be here, let me be your eyes and ears. We will continue to document our experience through the blogaroo and on WTTS throughout the weekend and when we return Monday. More to come from Bonnaroooooooooooo.


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