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…and in case of a tornado, get inside a building?????

Comments Off on …and in case of a tornado, get inside a building????? 12 June 2009

Brad and I arrived at Bonnaroo on Thursday night, just in time to catch White Rabitts (incredible) and Passion Pit.  While the music was fantastic, the drama surrounding the night was even more intense.  You see, Brad and I had a little mishap with our luggage, leaving us separated from our Bonnaroo life supplies.  He wanted his “stuff” and I wanted my makeup.  After every attempt at seeing music, we decided it was time to get our bags.  So we went on a hunt…looking for the bus carrying our only connection to civilization (besides the blackberrys and laptops and satellite TV on the tour bus which is our home for 3 days).  Long story longer, we found our bags and got them to the bus just in time to hear that the tornado watch that had been in effect for the area, had quickly turned into a tornado warning.  As I was ushered back to the media camp to escape the nastiness of mother nature, I could hear people saying “…in case a tornado hits, we need to get inside a building, like the Other tent”.  Um,  if I’m not mistaken, a tent is not even close to being a structurally sound entity.  But, I guess when one camps in a field with a tarp tied to a tree for shelter, a big tent with electrical wires strewn all over the place would present itself as a virtual bomb shelter.   In the end, all was good and the little people of Bonnaroo land were safe.  As we lay our heads down to rest with the thumping of the drums keeping beat to the rolling thunder clasps, we knew that once again, we were home…at Bonnarooooooooooooooo.


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