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Wind in the "D"s?

Comments Off on Wind in the "D"s? 12 February 2009

Day 3, World Class Rock A to Z, 2009:

I came in to start the day excited about 3pm when I could continue the WTTS exploration of the alphabet.  Upon realizing that my computer caught a cold, I directed the sickness to the attention of Mr. I.T.  He told me that it would take hours to restore Big Brother to the machine it was just yesterday.  Today, there would be no “tweeting”, no status updates and no blogging.  My thoughts then turned to being able to enjoy the music.  I would sit back with my headphones on and DIG the songs in “D”.   About 20 minutes into my venture, the wind gusts increased to 60mph.  I feared that the drive home for most would be a harrowing journey.  I removed my headphones and began to seek out weather information.  Feeling that I had all necessary and updated information, I prepared to prep listeners for the drive home.  It was a simple weather explanation into Steve’s traffic report.  Steve reported numerous stoplights out as many places in Indiana were without power due to strong winds.

I then returned my focus to the music at hand, playing the songs in alphabetical order, while recalling interesting tidbits of information to pass along.   I tried to reach Steve at traffic to no avail.  2 minutes til the next report…no Steve.  It seems that he had also experienced a power outage that left him crippled.  Not 10 seconds later, Brad Holtz walked into the studio with bad news.  Apparently, the Pretenders show at the Murat, presented by WTTS, had been postponed…no further information.  Whew, so now it was MY job to inform all concert goers, that the show would NOT go on.  I hated this as I knew many would be dissappointed,  but I also was aware that many were already on their way.

Plagued with situation after situation, I decided to become a  news reporter with a passion for music  for the rest of the afternoon…what else could I do.  With all that was going on (and there have been days when I have experienced these types of things times 5), I still enjoyed myself.  I come to work and play excellent music and talk to YOU every day.  How did I get so lucky?

Thanks for listening.  Have the best day of your life.


Laura Duncan

WTTS World Class Rock A to Z fun fact for Wednesday, February 11, 2009: An old woman with a funny hat, riding a bicycle, ringing a bell, flew past the studio window at approximately 4:52pm.

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