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What Is A Man?

Comments Off on What Is A Man? 17 February 2009

Geeze I played so many songs on this topic this morning it set my mind wondering. What is a man according to a man? Or what is a man according to a woman? Joe Jackson once asked in his song “Real Men”  is he “rough or is he rugged is he cultural and clean?”. I always liked that song but am not sure I want to follow Joe Jackson’s advice on the subject. The cultural and clean thing translates to”metrosexual” (Frasier Crane). Some women will tell a man that’s the way a man ought to be. I don’t think I’m buying it.  I think you as a man will have that certain better ” luck”  if you talk about a rick of firewood you split than where you got your manicure.

To add to the confusion there’s that Bonnie Raitt song “Love Me Like A Man” Does she want to be loved like she’s a man?

Is this what they want me to blog about?


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