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We start on Monday…

Comments Off on We start on Monday… 06 February 2009

World Class Rock A To Z returns to WTTS on Monday.  (Click on the player above to hear a quick A To Z sample:  “26 letter in 60 Seconds”). We’ve been doing this for ten or so years, and it’s always one of our favorite times of the year.  The very first song plays at 8am the Monday (February 9).  A few years ago, Laura Duncan noticed certain DJs (Brad mostly) were having a really hard time keeping everything in alphabetical order.  A song would play out of order, here or there.  Thus, the “A To Z Dunce Cap” was born.  Screw up, wear the cap.  Needless to say, Brad was wearing it quite often (as evidenced by the photo below).

The infamous A To Z Dunce Cap, inspired by Brad

We’re looking forward to getting started.  As always, catch us screwing up?  Let us know.  Call us at 1-800-923-WTTS or share your comments here on the A To Z Blog.  (And we’d also like to thank all of our A To Z sponsors too)!

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