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Todd's Early Vote for "Commonly Used Letter with the Least Number of Common Words"…

Comments Off 12 February 2009

…which is to say that in almost any letter (barring, say, the letters like Q, X and Z), there will be a lot of songs that have a common word.  D, for example, has a lot of songs with “Drive” in the title.

E is starting to feel like it might be a little harder in that regard.  I have an “Eight” and an “Einstein” and an “Elderly” and an “Electric”…two examples of “Eleanor” (one by Low Millions, the other by the Beatles), but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of commonality yet.

EDITED TO ADD:  Whoops, spoke too soon.  There is a pair of “Empty” songs, followed immediately by a trio of songs with “End” in the title, then a good half-dozen “Every” songs later on.  Thank God the dunce fedora only comes out if you flip songs around in the alphabet, rather than make stupid guesses about patterns in A to Z just to have an excuse to blog.

The dunce fedora, incidentally, is how we make ourselves feel better for screwing up the alphabet.  We may be idiots, but at least there’s a slight chance we’ll be mistaken for dimwitted versions of Sinatra.  Which means that at least I have a chance, however slight, of dating Hawt Girls That Wear Glasses.

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