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Comments Off on Todd's CELESTINE PROPHECY Moment 11 February 2009

Just got a call from one of my OverEasy regulars.  Yesterday I was coming out of back-to-back versions of the same song, “Blinded by the Light” by Springsteen and Manfred Mann, and I said something to the effect of “92.3 WTTS, World Class Rock A to Z…guys, it’s DEUCE.  As in TWO.  Knock it off.”

This listener was watching Jeopardy last night, and one of the categories was – you guessed it – misheard song lyrics, including my little example.  (Other examples included the CCR one, “there’s a bathroom on the right,” and Jimi Hendrix’s ever-popular “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy!”)

Sometimes it’s really creepy to be ahead of the curve like that.

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