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Todd: Extra Bass with a Little Bonus Throbbing in My Right Foot.

Comments Off on Todd: Extra Bass with a Little Bonus Throbbing in My Right Foot. 17 February 2009

Actually, no, it’s not that bad now.

The thing about A to Z is that quite often, we’re just as surprised as you are.  It’s sorta like running into the old girlfriend again – not the one you had the acrimonious relationship with, the one that ran over your foot in her new Fiero on her way to meet her new paramour, the evil b-

Wait, I’m digressing again.  It was a Grand Am.  I get those mixed up all the time.

Anyway, you know the one I mean.  The girl you took to the formal, and the only reason you didn’t see her again is because one or the other of you moved away to take a new job, or you went to college and both of you decided to date other people, and you never really ran into each other after that.  Then you run into her while you’re in the grocery to get jalapenos, and it all comes back:  why didn’t I hang out with her more when I had the chance?

Today’s unexpected Mexican-food-aisle-run-in:  “Melody” by the Rolling Stones, from Black and Blue.  Someone requested it a few years back when we were assembling a Select-a-Set weekend, and the sheer good groove of Billy Preston and the Stones setting each other off in 1976 inspired us all.  It was like the first time hearing “Green Onions”…or quite nearly.

For me, hearing something I really, really like has the same result…it’s the feeling like you’re driving in southern Indiana on a late spring day, sun breaking through the leaves, windows down, cresting the hills and getting that rollercoaster drop in your stomach.  Your face flushes, your hair stands on end, you smile in spite of yourself.  It feels, for me, a lot like being in love.

I want to stress this here…there are songs you may enjoy hearing, or songs you find pleasant, or songs where you have to turn up the radio.  What I mean are songs where you find yourself STOPPING EVERYTHING to get into the sole act of listening.  It’s the cusp where music cannot function as background noise any longer, but instead assumes the center of your being for a few blissful minutes.  Like the saying goes, you never see the one that knocks you out – and in my experience, A to Z has more than its fair share of those moments.

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