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Todd: Born on a Pirate Ship

Comments Off on Todd: Born on a Pirate Ship 20 February 2009

Just thinking that if I were some alternate universe version of Blackbeard, what kind of pirate names I’d like to see in our ranks:

The guy who gets the costume wrong and comes decked out as a cowboy – Red Rider.

Our first mate, who has periodic emotional swings if a treasure map is a dud – Moody Blue.

The Elvis impersonator with the eye patch – Black Velvet.

One unlucky swabby whose guilty – and oft-unfulfilled pleasure – is cruising the drive-through in an old school Cadillac – Fleetwood Mac.

The one who accidentally ate the out-of-date can of mushrooms and then stared at the wall, wondering if trees dream – Pink Floyd.

No, in fact, I’m not very proud of myself right now.  However, that’s me, in my head, seeing the multitudes of artists and songs in World Class Rock A to Z.  Welcome to a disturbing slice of my world.

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