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The "A To Z Dunce Cap" Returns (Finally)

Comments Off on The "A To Z Dunce Cap" Returns (Finally) 13 February 2009

Five days and seven letters in, the infamous “A To Z Dunce Cap” has made its dubious return, but it’s on top of a head we might not expect.  Brad Holtz was the odds-on favorite “DJ to screw up the alphabet first” and “screw up most” in 2009.  But it was WTTS Morning Show host Paul Mendenhall who made the first alphabetical gaffe, playing “Give Me Love” before “Give It To Me.”  As we searched for the Dunce Cap, it was revealed that it’s been stored in (of all places) Laura Duncan’s trunk.  Why?  No clue.  Regardless,  Brad quickly (though shabbily) assembled a makeshift Dunce Cap and proudly presented it to Paul.




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