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Side-by-side A To Z Artists

Comments Off on Side-by-side A To Z Artists 10 February 2009

Todd says:
An interesting question yesterday…how many artists have side-by-side songs in A to Z

Well, you can pretty much count on the heavy hitters, between the Beatles and the Stones and any other prolific artist.  What surprised me is realizing that Brad gets it from Springsteen today.  On top of that, they’re both title tracks to Born in the U.S.A. and Born to Run
Also contemplating the idea of artists borrowing from other artists…today it clicked in how much the Marshall Crenshaw song “Yvonne” borrows from the original version of “Black Magic Woman” from the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac.  Same rhythm feel on the bass and drums, sped up and in a different key, but the influence is definitely there.
I think something like A to Z reveals surprises like that fairly constantly.  To find myself caught up short by songs that I thought I knew backwards and forwards is a nice place to be.

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