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Rocking and Rolling through the letter R

Comments Off on Rocking and Rolling through the letter R 19 February 2009

Brad Holtz here, having lots of “A To Z” fun this afternoon.  We spent over an hour playing  “Rock” songs – from “Rock And A Hard Place” by the Stones to Rock This Town” by Stray Cats (along with six songs featuring “Rock And Roll” in the title).  Along the way, we got several nice bluesy cuts – the first being “Room To Move” from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.  It was that tune that inspired Bob, a dedicated 92-3 VIP, to write in:

“Thanks for playing “Room to Move” by John Mayall!  That was the song that convinced me to become the fanatical blues harpist that I am today! Got to see that one live at Boston Garden in 1970. No drummer in the band. The line-up: Steve Miller Band (who closed with “Livin’ in the USA”), John Mayall and the Moody Blues. I heard one of the elderly ushers tell a colleague that he was experiencing a contact high!”

Thanks for the e-mail Bob!  This afternoon, Laura Duncan gets into the letter “S.”  The first “S” song is actually an acronym.  And an acronym involving blues.  There ya go – two clues.  We’ll catch the letter “S” in just a bit.  Have a great afternoon and thanks for listening.

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