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Questions in the "W"s?

Comments Off on Questions in the "W"s? 23 February 2009

World Class Rock A to Z, Day 15:

What? Playing thousands of songs from the WTTS library alphabetically by song title.

When? We started on February 9th and will end??????

Where? 92.3 on your radio or on your computer.

Who? Paul Mendenhall, Todd Berryman, Brad Holtz, Laura Duncan, Bill Flint, Rob Humphrey and YOU.

Why? Because we’re independent radio and we can do whatever we want!

Thanks for listening, have the best night of your life.


Laura Duncan

World Class Rock A to Z fun fact for February 23, 2009: The songs that begin with the letter “S” take the most time to present.  The songs that begin with the letter “W” come in second.

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