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Lots of "I" Songs…

Comments Off on Lots of "I" Songs… 14 February 2009

Brad Holtz here on a Saturday afternoon.  A few observations:

1.  It sure is quiet around the radio station on a Saturday afternoon.  Kinda nice.

2.  There really are a lot of songs that begin with the word “I.”  From “I Alone to “I Won’t Back Down,” there are nearly five hours of songs starting with the word “I.”

3.  We are six days in with only one alphabetical error.  And it wasn’t me.  It was Paul, and yes, he wore the Dunce Cap.  Look below for photographic evidence.

4.  It’s Valentine’s Day, and with money as tight as it is right now, it should be noted that A To Z is recession-proof fun for lovers of all ages.  Instead of dropping several hundred on your sweetie, why not stay in and follow along with A To Z?  Call it your “musical economic stimulus.”

5.  The Groove Show is indeed on tonight – tune in from 10pm-Midnight for jam bands, funk and reggae (a perfect Saturday-night soundtrack).  Thanks to Rob who will be filling in for me tonight.  (He’ll be giving away tickets to the Dark Star Orchestra concert at the Egyptian Room next Saturday).

Have a great weekend – and thanks for listening.


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