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It's a sickness…

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Day 8 of World Class Rock A to Z, 2009

After the first week of World Class Rock A to Z was under my belt, I decided to go out  and enjoy some great conversation with my friends who had more to talk about than just the order of songs. It was Saturday night, I could stay out as late as I wanted, no deadlines the next day, no clocks to watch and NO SONGS TO KEEP IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE presenting World Class Rock A to Z, but it does mess with my mind after a while.

I entered the house filled with fun people who invited me and my husband into the conversations already in progress with a smile.  I sat down in the kitchen, poured myself a drink and began to listen and interject my banter when possible.  I was about 5 minutes into convresation with the ladies in the room when it hit me…A to Z post alphabetization stress disorder.  You see, in the background, the music was playing.  It was a random mix of rock music selected by the host and hostess of the evening.  Every time a new song would begin, I would blurt out things like, “That is ‘Light My Fire’…’L’, definitely ‘L’.”  or “‘Little Wing’ by Derek and the Dominos is placed behind Jimi Hendrix’ version because Jimi’s version was released first.”  I was conversing like Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man, and I couldn’t stop!  Have you ever been around a new parent who can’t stop talking about their newborn to the point where you just want something or somone to intercede because it is just ENOUGH ALREADY?!!  I realized, that was me.

People in the room were being kind, but I know they wanted to leave my space slowly and quietly  so as not to upset the “crazy lady”.  I joined my husband in the other room to watch a basketball game with the guys.  The sound of the television was turned down but that specially selected music was playing in the background.   Since I noticed what I was doing earlier, I stopped making alphabetization comments out loud, but the thoughts did not stop.  Not only was I alphabetizing ALL of the songs, but I was quoting the song lengths in my head as well (a sickness that has plagued all Music Directors at one time or another).  Finally, I convinced my husband it was time to go and we drove home in silence.  When I awoke the next morning, all thoughts of alphabetization had subsided and all was well.    I’m so happy it cleared up on it’s own.  I was afraid I would have to seek the help of a librarian.  Their  hourly fee after hours is astronomical and is NOT covered by insurance!

Thanks for listening, have the best night of your life.


Laura Duncan

World Class Rock A to Z fun fact for Monday, February 16, 2009:  I loved you 29 times today in the “L”s.

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