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"H, I, J, K, Elemeno, P"

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Laura Duncan

Laura Duncan

Today was the first day of World Class Rock A to Z, 2009.  The anticipation of the beginning, each year, is like Christmas for me.  The very idea that WTTS presents literally thousands of songs within one thematic program is amazing in itself.  The fact that Paul, Todd, Brad, Bill and I are expected to maintain the proper order of the songs is daunting.  There are abbreviations, parenthetical titles, numbers embedded in song titles and unusual spellings of common words (“Thank You Fallentinmebemicelfagin”), all designed to trip us up.

I am convinced that these artists titled their songs with the very idea that someday, in a radio station in Indiana, there would be 5 brilliant minds trying to alphabetize by song title.  The feeling one gets when realizing that the song being played has been, inadvertently, placed “out of order” is unlike any other.  The sweat begins to bead on the brow as the phones light up relentlessly.  The feeling of blood running cold is prevalent from head to toe.   Thoughts of how to explain the mistake to thousands at once begin to swirl. ..all in the 4 plus minutes that the song is allowed to play, out of order.  After realizing there is no way out,   the mistake must be acknowledged.  All one can hope is that the majority of A to Z fans will take pity and call the studio to ease the alphabetically challenged while repeating “shhhhh, it’s ok…it will all be OK”.

So, please, remember as you call gleefully the next time you hear a song out of order, that your triumphant gloating is like a knife in our collective side.  We don’t want to feel that we’ve let you down, EVER, but more importantly, the A to Z Dunce Cap looks bad on my head and messes my hair.

Have the best day of your life and thanks for listening.


Laura Duncan

World Class Rock A to Z fun fact for Monday, December 9 3pm-7pm: I played the last 2 of the “Angel”songs as well as ALL of the “Bad” songs.  A combination and balance that perfectly describes me.

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